Airhole Standard - 2 Layer 2017

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The Airhole 2 Layer Standard facemask is the original action sports facemask and the design is patented. Featuring an ergonomic shape, super soft velcro and 2 layers of fabric to protect your face, it can handle the harshest conditions. Think of it like a 10k jacket for your face and it also features our signature Airhole breath hole to stop you misting up.

100% Polyester Outer, 100% Polyester Inner
Weather Resistant Outer
Super Soft Velcro
Super Cozy Inner
Direct Silicone Airhole

Style + Fit
Up to 50% of the bodies heat is lost when the face and head are exposed. Airhole's retain heat, provide better blood circulation and keep the wearer warmer.
Excess heat due to vigorous exercise can escape through our breathable fabrics and Airhole. Stay warm and dry, not cold and wet.
Goggles fog when hot air is trapped and the signature Airhole allows hot breath to escape, avoiding the fog. No more fogged goggles on powder days.
Airhole's ergonomic masks are designed to fit the face perfectly. The fit allows for goggles and minimizes exposed bare skin, keeping the elements out.
The signature Airhole is featured on all Airhole masks. It allows the wearer to breathe freely, avoiding condensation that causes a cold, wet face.

Face Mask
Unisex Adult

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