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Banshee Bungee 2011

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One Bungee + One Handle + One 30ft Lead Line
3 ply braided design prevents snapback, and the vulcanized latex rubber offers stretching capabilities unmatched by any other bungee-type material in the world (up to 7 times its length!) Capable of launch speeds approaching 35 mph, Our Bungee beats any drop-in or car tow-in possibility, not to mention the escapability of the 5-0!

- 10 ft. package is designed specifically for situations where not as much speed is required; a backyard, a shorter staircase, or any spot where space is restricted. 10 ft. bungee will stretch up to 70ft and provide up to 20 mph of pull. Coming in at a mere 6 lbs complete, you could drag this around all day without breaking a sweat. Small and compact, this package is perfect for quick setup and teardown.

- Stretching Up to 140 ft, the 20 ft Bungee can launch any boarder across any surface: asphalt, metal, snow, sand, water, etc. This is the preferred package for skim, skate and snow. Double it up for more speed or shorten it in tight areas by simply tying it off around you anchor point. The 20 footer is the only bungee that will work for water applications. Keep in mind, the bungee is modular. For a faster pull, hook 2 side-by-side. For a longer ride, hook 2 end-to-end.

Banshee Bungee

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