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Ski Binding Buyers Guide

Parts of A Ski Binding

Toe Piece - Locks in the front of your boot & releases horizontally.

Heel Piece - Locks in the back of your boots & releases vertically.

AFD(Anti-friction Device) - Small, smooth pad on your ski directly below the toe piece. Reduces boot friction in the toe to step easily in/out of bindings

Brakes - Two small prongs attached to the heelpiece that drop down into the snow when bindings are open to keep skis from sliding away.


If you have wide skis, it's important to keep their waist width measurement in mind so you can be certain bindings will be wide enough to allow for the binding brakes.

Adjustment Range

Bindings can be mounted to accommodate a small range of boot sizes. Note your boot size (in Mondo) to be sure you choose the right size.

Vibration Dampening

To help absorb vibrations resulting from high speeds or bumpy conditions, rubber padding or more advanced shock systems are often integrated into bindings.


Plates can be inserted between your binding & ski to elevate the bindings. This makes the area directly under your feet stiffer & the leverage results in better energy transfer to your ski's edges. Lifting bindings just a few millimeters can help absorb more vibrations & make turning easier.


Bindings need to be flexible to a certain extent to keep from releasing during normal use. A binding with good elasticity will keep your boot mounted to your ski throughout the brief spikes in force necessary to glide over ungroomed terrain.


Lighter bindings lessen the likelihood of becoming fatigued, but bindings that are too light often sacrifice durability. Look at the pair's weight in grams along with the materials it's made of to be sure your binding won't weigh you down or risk your safety. Average pairs range from about 1360 grams (3 lbs) - 2721 grams (6 lbs).


Most ski bindings are made of a combination of durable plastic and metal. A pair that's mostly metal will be stronger & more durable, but plastic will weigh less overall.

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Size Chart

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