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Ski Boot Buyers Guide

Putting on your Boots

To accurately see how a boot fits, you need to be putting it on properly. Once your foot is in the boot, secure the middle buckle at your ankle first. This firmly secures your heel & should make it easy to secure the lower buckles next. (If you're straining to get them closed, your boot is too narrow.) Lastly, fasten the upper buckles working from the bottom up.


Boots should feel snug and slightly too tight. Remember, the boot's interior padding will conform to your foot with wear. You should be able to wiggle your toes a bit, but not have any loose areas or sliding.

When standing, toes should be up against the front of the boot. Bend your knees and lean slightly forward; your toes should slide back a little & no longer be right up against your boot. Now, lean as far forward as possible with knees bent and make sure your heel does slide around or come up inside the boot.


The stiffer the boot, the better skis will respond to your knee movements. Models designed for advanced athletes will be stiffer since they seek the most direct transfers & control possible. Flexibility is rated with the most flexible boots coming in around 60 or below and the most rigid, expert racing boots being 100 and above. Choose your flex based on your ability & weight.

Beginner - Boots should be about 60 or under for easiest turn initiation & most comfortable wear.

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Intermediate - Average boots in the 60-80 range are versatile & responsive without feeling too restricting.

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Advanced - An 80-100 rating indicates a stiff, solid boot that reacts to even to slight movements.

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The stiffer the boot, the heavier it tends to be so an advanced skier that's smaller may prefer a more flexible boot. Stiffer boots also offer sturdier support so larger athletes may want to opt for a higher rating.

Custom Boot Fitting

Pressure points and uncomfortable areas can occur even in a boot that's the correct size. Usually, they'll disappear as they get worn in, but if these random spots are persistent you might want to look into a custom boot fitting. Boot liners can be heated & molded to conform to your foot for a perfect fit.

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Size Chart

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