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Snowboard Profile + Shape Guide

A mid-west jibber isn't going to have the same feelings for a board as a Chilean pow-hound, and for good reason. Every component in a board's design & construction is intended to affect the way it performs. Conditions, riding style & personal preference all influence which board will wind up being your perfect match. The increasing variety of shapes & profiles available can make your head spin, but allow us to simplify. All boards essentially fall under 1 of 3 shape and profile categories. Check out the charts below & learn the performance features of each.

Snowboard Profiles

describes the shape of the snowboard when viewed from the side.
Camber - traditional snowboard profile. When laying a cambered board on a flat surface, the center will rise with both sides upturned. They're better for faster riding and offer better edge hold, stability & control in hard-packed snow or icy conditions.

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Rocker (reverse camber) - when lying on a flat surface, a reverse camber board will have an overall convex or U-shape. They're known for having a "surf-y" feel: better float in powder & a more forgiving, catch-free ride overall.

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Camber/Flat - a mainly flat profile with minimal elevation in the edges. Good for rails & bombing hills, but edges catch easily when turning.

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Rocker/Camber - combines both rocker & camber profiles for smooth rides with good edge hold. Typically the area between your bindings will have positive camber, with a rocker nose & tail or vice-versa.

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Profile Construction Performance Conditions & Style Example
Camber The original, arc-shaped profile. Best for high speeds, carving, stability Packed, groomed snow, all-mountain Burton Custom X
Rocker* Also called “reverse” camber, the top of the board is built with an overall concave curve Best for loose, fun feel, easy pressing, beginners Powder, freestyle riding Lib Tech Skate Banana BTX
Flat Base is flat at all contact points Provides pop & stability for jibs & rails Park, urban Capita Horrorscope FK
*Rocker/Camber A hybrid of the 2, typically w/ camber at your feet & rocker in-between The wavy shape creates contact points for edge hold & has a toned-down, fun rocker feel Varying, all-mountain Forum Destroyer DoubleDog
*Rocker/Flat Another hybrid shape, flat with rocker in the nose & tail Slight rocker keeps you smooth & catch-free on rails. Flat area adds pop & grips edges when you turn Park, freestyle terrain K2 World Wide Weapon

Snowboard Shapes

Shape Construction Performance Conditions & Style Example
Direction Board has an obvious front & back Nose easily floats above powder, stiff tail maintains stability at high speeds Powder, freeride Flow Infinite
Twin Board tip & tail are identical Symmetrical shape & flex pattern make it easy to ride switch Park, freestyle terrain Ride Kink
Directional Twin Tip & tail vary slightly, but have an intended front & back Similar shape with a softer nose flex offers versatility for the all-mountain rider Varying terrain, occasional runs through the park Salomon Man’s Board

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