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By Lisa

“Get Out of my HOUSEEEEE!”

On 25, Oct 2010 | No Comments | In Updates | By Lisa

If you’re not a wuss like me and saw Paranormal Activity 2 over the weekend, you probably haven’t slept since….not because you were scared sh*tless, but because you can’t stop thinking about the amazing sunglasses “Ali” was wearing in the beginning of the movie;


Well now you can rest easy…those are none other than the Ashbury Daytrippers! (As you can see by Ali’s lime green nails, she’s pretty hip. Perhaps she heads over to Mountain High when she doesn’t feel like being terrorized by a house full of baby-snatching demons?)

EV’s got the Daytripper in White, Black, and Lizard King’s model (green, like Ali’s manicure) along with the Psychedelic Lollipop, Crenshaw, and some of theirĀ 2011 goggles. Snag some before the rest of Hollywood catches on!

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