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By Lisa

2011 Rider of the Year

On 23, Jan 2012 | No Comments | In News, Updates | By Lisa

Snowboarder Mag‘s February issue features the 2010-11 season’s picks for Rider of the Year as chosen by past winners & their peers. These guys (and girls) have become known for pushing the limits of snowboarding & making a lasting impression on the industry.

The following lineup of  riders were voted in by a panel of over 40 judges including Dan Brisse, Gigi Rüf, Annie Boulanger, JP Walker, Danny Davis, Eddie Wall, Jamie Anderson & John Jackson. Check out Snowboarder’s new Finalist Video to see why these 13 pro’s were named the most memorable, influential snowboarders of 2011.

Women’s Top 3:

1. Cheryl Maas

2. Jess Kimura

3. Marie France-Roy

Men’s Top 10:

1. Travis Rice

2. Bode Merrill

3. Nicholas Müller

4. Jake Blauvelt

5. Eric Jackson

6. Pat Moore

7. Kazuhiro Kokubo

8. Jussi Oksanen

9. Scott Stevens

10. Torstein Horgmo

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