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Fresh Arrivals

It’s Party Time

On 22, Oct 2010 | No Comments | In Fresh Arrivals | By Lisa

Well, well, well…

Capita 11

…if it isn’t the Capita Party Shark!

Party Shark

Just opened up our shipment from Capita (thanks for those Atomic Fireballs, C3!), and was psyched to see the graphics from Corey Smith & co. in person. Along with the Shark, we’ve got the tipsy & topless pandas of the Stairmaster EXTREME, some vicious space monsters attacking theĀ Horrorscope FK, and a slightly-retro, stylish Saturnia for us ladies.

Capita’s boards have been featured in this season’s Good Wood and Best of Test, so if you’re looking for a quality board at a good price (most under $360!), head over to the Board Room and check out the rest of our 2011 CAPiTA boards

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